‘murthy’ seat

Designed and developed for ‘Sunaad’ (www.sunaad.org). An eclectic group of singers from Bangalore city who share a common passion – a love for Hindustani classical music. These height adjustable, knock-down & light weight seats travel with them for all their on-stage performances.

woodwork by :  Murthy (design, prototype development, metal & wood fabrication, delivery), kuldeep (Design)

To know how to buy or for customisations, cost estimates & delivery time, call  phone +91 98452 72320

cost : Kindly do call in to get a quote. The quote includes taxes, transport to a location in Bangalore, handling and installation charges.

dimensions :  Min. 14 in. height, Max. 19+ in. it occupies a floor space of 18 in. wide x 15 in. deep.

material & finish : Made in bent ply wood and metal. Hand finished with appropriate paint & colour.

care instructions : Ensure that there is no constant water contact anywhere. Clean with dry cotton cloth to remove dust and to retain its natural sheen.