swadeshi seating range

The body is made from teak wood with a conjoined bent ply seat and back rest fastened to it. This also makes it easy to separate the seat and backrest from the rest of the structure when times comes for re-upholstery. The wooden structure in finished with olive oil.

The name evolved from the client for this project who was also a silk fabric manufacturer and exporter in Bangalore named ‘swadeshi silks’. The silk upholstery used on the furniture is from his own establishment.

woodwork by : kuldeep, yusuf and upholstery by matthew, Bangalore

To know how to buy or for customisations, cost estimates & delivery time, call  phone +91 98452 72320

cost : Kindly do call in to get a quote. The quote includes taxes, transport to a location in Bangalore, handling and installation charges.

dimensions : a) Single seater – 32 in. height & it occupies a floor space of 28 in. wide x 30 in. deep  b) Two seater – 32 in. height & it occupies a floor space of 50 in. wide x 30 in. deep  c) Three seater – 32 in. height & it occupies a floor space of 68 in. wide x 30 in. deep.

material : Burma teak wood structure with bent plywood seat and back. Upholstered with cushion and fabric of your choice.

care instructions : Ensure there is no constant water contact any where. Clean with dry cotton cloth to remove dust on wooden parts and vacuum clean upholstery.