We have been featured in national news dailies and magazines. All occurrences of our articles have been arranged chronologically below.


The Hindu, News daily, India, March 2017


Vogue, India, October 2015


Vogue, India, July 2015


Deccan Chronicle, news daily, Sunday 26 October 2014


Better Interiors Magazine, September 2014



ANTARYA 2014 Annual Issue, July 2014 


POOL design magazine 37th issue, July 2013

Better Interiors Magazine, May 2013


Indian Architects and Builders (IA&B), April 2013



Vogue, India, October 2012


CW Interiors, September 2012


Better Interiors Magazine, June 2012


Hindustan Times, Mint, June 2012


Hindustan Times, Leisure, March 2012


Indian Architects and Builders (IA&B), October 2011



India Today, September 2011