rushi wardrobe

These built-to-last standalone wardrobe modules can be moved around any space or arranged in any configuration. Each wardrobe structure is made from hardwood and plywood panels. These wardrobes use no special hardwares and are built with traditional ‘piano’ hinges for the shutters and wooden rails for the drawers. Even the shutter and drawers handles are natural teak wood knobs.

woodwork by : murthy & team.

To know how to buy or for customisations, cost estimates & delivery time, call  phone +91 98452 72320

cost : Kindly do call in to get a quote. The quote includes taxes, transport to a location in Bangalore, handling and installation charges.

dimensions : 80+ in. height & each wardrobe unit occupies a floor space of 23 in. deep x 30 in. wide

material & finish : ‘Saal’ hardwood and commercial plywood with water proof matte enamel paint finish.

care instructions : No maintenance required. All these cabinets have water proof matte enamel paint on all exterior and interior surfaces.