ravirohi cabinets

These hand crafted cabinets made with traditional cabinet making methods are made from built-to-last factory pressed laminated plywood panels. They are standalone and at any point of time they can be moved around or re-arranged in any configuration you wish.

There are total of 5 sizes – 63, 48, 39, 24 & 15 inches high cabinets. Other than the metal hardware to hold the hinges and hangar rails, these ‘ravirohi’ cabinets are made without nails or screws. These wardrobes use no special hardware and are built with traditional hinges for the shutters and wooden rails for the drawers.

woodwork by : kuldeep, bhaskar and murthy

To know how to buy or for customisations, cost estimates & delivery time, call  phone +91 98452 72320

cost : Kindly do call in to get a quote. The quote includes taxes, transport to a location in Bangalore, handling and installation charges.

dimensions : There are total of 5 sizes – 63, 48, 39, 24 & 15 inches high cabinets. Total depth is 23 inches and the usable space inside is 21 inches.

material :  Made from factory pressed laminated plywood panels with hardwood edge beading.

care instructions : All these cabinets can be cleaned with any laminate cleaning liquids and they’ll be as good as new. Avoid any sharp object puncturing the laminate surfaces (the laminate thickness is usually less than a millimeter).